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Content demonstrably helps in the search engine optimization of a website. Google says in the webmaster guidelines that correspond to sites with unique content and not copied to the guidelines of Google. SEO is certain evaluation criteria more difficult.

SEO with content

Through the webmaster guidelines of Google can be derived even some details about search engine optimization. Each side should be accessible through a link, Google says in the guidelines. Creating a sitemap is also of great importance.

A well structured website is easier to index for the world's largest search engine, as a website with confusing structure. The Google crawler does web pages easier to read and absorb in the index, if a site map is available.

Advantages for the evaluation and ranking of a website can make a HTML sitemap. When each reached base with two clicks within a site is, the bases rather Google's index are included. Does the crawler can find several ways, it is possible that sub-pages are not included in the index. TITLE tags and ALT attributes should be meaningful, according to the guidelines laid out. These can be defined by images.